Dear Guests,


According to current laws in Hungary every citizen regardless of their age must have an official card certifiyng their identity (identity card, passport or driving license in card foramt) including newborns.

Under the law data registration is compulsory for every Guest accessing or purchasing a service regardless of their age or other variables – e.g. service fee paid, discounts, duration of their stay, family relationship with the provider of accommodation – so registering your data is required in all cases.

Failing to present any of the necessary ID card, the hotel is authorized to deny the check-in procedure.

Until January 1. 2022, as amended by law, children under the age of 14 will be exempted from presenting an identity document at the location of the accommodation.

When checking-in, the accommodation provider records the following datas with the help of a document reader using an authorized accommodation management
software. Your data will be stored on the hosting provider’s server designated by the Government Decree.


• family and first name;
• birth surname and first name;
• place and time of birth;
• gender;
• nationality;
• mother’s birth surname and first name;
• the data of the identity document or travel document presented