This nearly 800 years old settlement can be found in the nature, in beautiful environment, which became well-known in foreign countries, too, owing to its thermal water discovered in 1962. The 96°C degree thermal water discovered when searching for hydrocarbon contains sodium-chloride and hydrogen-carbonates, which can be used to treat locomotor disorders.

The modernization process of the Thermal bath of Zalakaros commenced at the beginning of the 1990’s when the so-called Medical Centre was developed. The primary aim of the renewed, up-to-date swimming pools and the natural environment is to serve prevention and recreation.
The indoor fun bath, which opened as the first one in Hungary in 1999, can meet wellness, water entertaining requirements. The new therapeutic section provides medicinal water based medical treatment for the guests. The therapy, therapeutic centre, indoor bath, fun bath and the thermal bath provide services for all members of the families.

Zalakaros can be accessed by train, by changing at the station of Zalakomár or Nagykanizsa getting on a bus. There are direct bus services between Budapest and Zalakaros. By car you can access on main road No. 7 from Budapest.